Vantage 360 was created to be different. Our aim is to be better.

Vantage 360 was created to be different. Our aim is to be better.

Our Values

Vantage 360 was created to be different. Our aim was to be better. More efficient. To have the same level of urgency as our clients.

Our company was founded by entrepreneurs with a financial services background who were tired of the same dreadful levels of service they were experiencing personally through their existing businesses. Out of frustration we decided we could do better!

Personally, I have had good and bad experiences with accountants before. My expectations, although high, are simply to be treated the same way I treat my clients. With professionalism, with urgency when needed, to create solutions and to communicate clearly. After much discussion, we came to the conclusion that we were already different. How? Simple. We build relationships with our clients on a 1 to 1 level. We were already doing this individually through our working life prior to this moment. We already had an insight into the competition because we had worked for them. We knew their main objective was to make money and generate new business month after month. But they all had one thing in common. They forgot to treat the clients they already had with the same level of service, dedication and importance as they did when they were trying to entice them to become a client in the first place. We know that the client is our number 1 priority and the importance of a long term, sustainable relationship.

Change is the only constant

Our company is made up of experienced, young, energetic and creative business people with a driven, entrepreneurial and client focused attitude.

We have a lot in common with our clients. We think strategically. Our clients come first. We are growing. But most of all, we understand the client on a personal level. Whether you are an IT consultant, a doctor, a tattoo artist or a digital content provider, we provide every client with the same level of service. If you are responsible for the outcome of your business, you probably think differently, just like we do. Our team will endeavour to know your business inside out.

We accept nothing short of exceptional

We specialise in assisting freelance professionals and companies with a range of financial services, wealth management, tax and accounting, specifically those who operate in specific industries. High Net Worth individuals, Entrepreneurs, Affiliates, Online Sellers and Publishers, Youtubers, Social Media influencers, Tattoo Artists, Contractors, Locums, Ex-Military, Self Employed Freelancers – This is just an example of the clients we work with. The one thing a lot of these clients have in common – They all NEED or WANT someone to understand them and their business. This is our core objective before we officially engage with any new business. We get to know you and your company.

We understand the complexities of freelancers managing their financial situation when it comes to tax and accounting. Many of them, especially the high earners, will need assistance in understanding how to manage and reduce their tax liabilities, manage expenses, VAT and submit tax returns to name a few. Our services are far reaching in terms of financial services and wealth management. They include:

  • Pensions & Investments
  • Accounting & Bookkeeping
  • Mortgages & Borrowing
  • Insurance
  • Financial Planning
  • Tax Services
  • Outsourced Services

A true concierge service

All of our services are bespoke with an emphasis on a personal 1 to 1 service. We will pick up the phone outside of the traditional ‘9-5’ office hours. At weekends too. We know your business does not stop just because the nine to fivers have. We are NOT in this bracket. I don’t know any other financial services company that will take calls or respond to emails or enquiries 24/7. Do you?

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Phone: 151 244 1236
3rd Floor, 207 Regent Street,
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