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We are not your typical ‘Accountants’

We practice what we preach!

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Our company is made up of young, energetic and creative business people with a driven, entrepreneurial and client focused attitude.

We probably have a lot in common. We think strategically. Our clients come first. We are growing. But most of all, we understand the client on a personal level. Whether you are an IT consultant, a doctor, a tattoo artist or an exclusive content provider, we provide every client with the same level of service. If you are responsible for the outcome of your business you probably think differently, just like we do.


Our ‘concierge’ business model provides you with exclusive access to a member of our team at all times, even outside of normal office hours! We are always working because our clients are. If you need guidance on any issues, expert advice or just a second opinion we are always at the end of the phone and happy to discuss anything you need. We use modern and relevant technology to solve problems and address issues quickly. We are pro-active in everything we do.

The market place for individuals & companies creating wealth, especially through digital and online platforms such as Amazon, You Tube, Instagram and Snapchat along with many others, has grown significantly in the last 2 years. We are extremely aware of the challenges these individuals or companies face when it comes to protecting themselves financially.

Dreaded Taxes

Most self employed people, especially those new to working for themselves, have a daunting task of managing their financials in a clear and concise way. Most will not consider this until it’s too late. Some will try to manage personally. Some will do the correct thing and engage a professional to manage on their behalf. In most of these scenarios we know that there will be some challenges, the main one being paying the correct amount of tax. Another will be paying too much, as they don’t understand tax deductibles, expenses, VAT, tax allowances and national insurance to name just a few.

dreaded taxes

95% of Accountants or Bookkeepers

Don’t really care or understand the clients business and profits.  They are there to input numbers into software and see what comes out at the other end and then charge a fortune for it.

We are very different!

We actually care about the client, their business and their profit margins. If they are not maximising their earning potential they may feel its not worth being self employed. We will monitor this monthly, reduce costs, advise on how to make the most of the money they earn and how their money can actually work FOR them. Our objective is sustainable, long term business relationships. We have the right people to work with you and for you to make the most of your earning potential.

Who We Work With


Small Medium Enterprises


Small Medium Enterprises


Public and Private Sector

Freelancers / Self Employed

Small Medium Enterprises



HNW Individuals

High Net Worth Individuals

Online Sellers / Affiliates


Social Media Influencers / Content Publishers


Athletes / Sports Media


Artists / Musicians


Property Developers




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